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Transforming ​Spaces

I have been an artist and maker since 2011 in Ireland.

I specialize in making sculptures using wood, recycled materials, ​isolon and light. I am interested in sparking dialogue and thought ​within and between people to discover the theme of Reuse-​Reduce-Repair-Rethink and encourage intrinsic motivation to ​change consumer habits trough transforming spaces with my ​installations and providing a captivating multi-sensory ​experience.

What we do


Designing and creating props and sets for ​traditional plays and promenade plays in ​unusual locations.


Designing and creating floats for parades ​with a strong environmental message. ​St.Patricks Day Parade Killishandra and ​Dund​alk.


Light Sculptures and Installations for ​festivals in Ireland. Arcadian Field, ​Vantastival, Electric Picnic, Festival of ​Horror​s and more.

La​byrinth Gallery

Enter a space filled with color, love and l​ight. A multi-sensory experience, inspired ​by the beauty of nature, made with the ​leftovers and rubbish of our wasteful ​society. Providing a space and thought to ​nurture in-depth conversations about my ​mission: Reuse - Reduce - Repair and ​Rethink.

Mu​sic events

Setting the stage for local bands and music ​events and touring events. Bands like ​T.P.M. , Orwells 84, Elephant and Nix Moon.​

why choose us

+ 10 years ​experience

99+ projects

60 light sculptures

4​0 + events

We use unwanted and reclaimed​ materials, in our art projects to rais​e green awareness and inspire peopl​e to reuse, reduce, repair and rethink. ​


Creating this "out of reality space" ​to tempt visitors to get lost in Art; to l​et the hardship of life go for the​se moments of wonder in amazement.​


Hidden away on the fringes of BRUTOPOLIS – The ​Labyrinth Gallery is an underground movement in counter ​capitalism, promote free thinking and creativity – its ​motto: Reuse – Reduce – Repair and Rethink – the opposite ​of Brutopolian ideology.” Electric Picnic 2022

From our customers

“Uli has been the set designer for

the last few years on our summer

family show which takes place

around the grounds of

Anaverna House.

She is always a joy to work with.

Full of ideas and positivity. A great problem ​solver and team player. In 2021, Uli’s ​exhibition ‘Labyrinth’ re-opened our gallery ​after lockdown and became the most popular ​exhibition we have ever hosted due to its ​innovation and accessibility.

I can’t recommend Uli enough. “

Paul Hayes


An Táin Arts ​Centre

“Since 2019, our collaboration

with Uli has been nothing short

of inspiring. Uli’s ability to

embrace even the wildest ideas,

ensuring they are both safe and

purposeful, has greatly enriched projects.

We appreciate her consistently innovative ​approach, offering a plethora of creative ​ideas. Uli’s infectious enthusiasm makes us ​feel she is genuinely invested in each project, ​showcasing her versatility as and artist who ​can tackle anything with skill and passion.”

Kwasie D Boyce

M.A.D. Youth ​Theater


“I have worked with Ulrike on a

number of projects over the last

five years. Ulrike’s ability to

create sustainable art through

transforming reclaimed materials

into captivity masterpieces is exceptional, ​and has made me rethink and re-imagine my ​own sustainability as an artist. Ulrike’s ​positive friendly attitude and her ability to ​collaborate on projects through ​incorporating an entire teams diverse ideas ​has made work alongside her a pleasure.”

Calvin Magee



“Ulrike has been a wonderful

addition to our creative team here

at Causey Farm and Farmaphobia.

Her interest in sustainability and

reworking old things into new

creations fits in perfectly with our ethos

here. In fact, she takes this to a whole new ​level of magic. She has brought a wealth of ​new ideas and energy and has a wonderful ​way with everyone - inspiring, encouraging, ​leading, helping, and adhering to deadlines. ​We look forward to working with her long in

into the future



Let s create together




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