I truly enjoy sharing my skills and enabling others to create and express themselves. I have extensive experience working with groups and individuals on all skill levels and ages. Please see below a list of workshops that I currently offer:                    


  • Eternal Bonsai - make your own tree
  • Silk Drawing - make your own scarf or picture
  • Wax-drawing - en-caustic - learn how to make a landscape
  • Rubbish Art - reuse - recycle - up-cycle - get creative with unwanted material
  • Light up - make your own lamp
  • Relax - learn to unwind with Art - discover your inner artist
  • Poi for beginners - make your own Poi and learn the first steps

I do all the above workshops on demand with individuals and groups, please contact me for further information. Each course can be done as a day course or spread over a few weeks, we can find the solution that fits perfect to you and your schedule.