So.. What is Patreon and why you would want to sign up to become my Patron?


Patreon is a new way for artists to connect to their audience, it is a membership platform for a subscription content service. It works a little bit like crowd funding, instead for 1 project it funds future projects and instead of a few people that provide huge amounts it works with a lot of people signing up for small amounts. It allows artists to receive funding directly from their fans, or patrons, on a recurring basis or per work of art.


On my Patreon page I am posting Patreon exclusive content. You can see time-lapse videos of me creating - from the first sketch to the final installation. From as little as 1.99$ per month (Neeeps Reward Tier 1) you can get access to this content (half a pint!) and also receive 10% off everything in my Etsy online shop.


There are different reward Tiers for different pledge amounts each month, for example, with the Neeeps Reward Tier 2 you can have a vote on future projects and have access to a download of a Signed Wallpaper/ digital Art every month including all rewards from Tier1. Other rewards include being recognised at the end of every video for making these possible or even get 1 piece of art each year from me. Also check out my different goals, you can see them on the left side on my Patreon site

Does this sound exiting? Do you want to become part of it and see how the magic happens? Do you want to enable me to make a huge sculpture as big as a house in the future - then become my patron today, and watch me grow!