Some of the places, people, events and stories that influence my creative process and skills:


My journey began 1983 when I was born in Greiz in Germany, DDR. Art was always very important part of my life, I was encouraged to create when I was still mini. I grew up in Weissenfels and did my education as an Occupational Therapist in Zeitz. After that I got a scholarship to get educated in Sensory Integration and working with Thermoplastics to make splints.

The best “mistake” I ever made was sending an email with my CV to the “wrong place” in Cobh in Ireland. When contacted I said that I don’t want to go, one thing did not let me be – not going and living for the rest of my life with “what if”. So I decided to go and just try it for a few weeks, I fell in love and stayed – this was in 2007. Well.., as you can see I am still here and in my element. 

In 2011 I had the opportunity to create all summer for Vantastival, Knockanstockan, Kinsale Art week, Body & Soul and Electric Picnic with the BYE team. This influenced my Art immense as I came in contact with rubbish art which is a huge part of my creative process to date and always will be: the shiny bits were born. I also found my creative playground in Bellurgan Park and a huge dream developed: “Bellurgan Sculpture Park and Artist retreat”.

In autumn of that year I decided to get some “routine and structure” to be able to maintain my sanity. I started working for Apple and then PayPal. During my time working full time there I never stopped creating and even I did not make all the festivals, Vantastival and Arcadian Field are the two I still am creating for, starting each year in January.

In 2017 I suddenly “woke up” and realised I am finished with working for the big cooperation. Now it’s time to create all the time.

Here on my website you will find some of my creations, workshops, projects, the creative team and you also have the chance to buy my creations and become part of my epic journey on Patreon.  On Patreon I am posting exclusive material of upcoming creations from the first sketch with time-laps videos of me creating to the final installation. With this monthly crowd funding I am going to make even bigger and brighter installations and hopefully realise my dream of making something huge.


Expertise/ Media: sculpting, light, rubbish art (upcycling), décor, acrylic painting, weaving baskets, woodwork, collages, encaustic, silk drawing, marbling, sketching, digital art, poi performance, theatre, pyrography, burning sculptures...